Vol. 2 No. 2 (2020): Modes Of Being

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Welcome to the second edition of That’s What [We] Said. We are so glad that you’re here! The editorial board has worked very hard over the last few months to get this issue ready for you, and we cannot wait to show you the hard work and talent of students across our campus. 

That’s What [We] Said arose out of the minds of seven students in the Gender and Women’s Studies program here at UBC Okanagan. The journal began as a space for collaboration and open conversation between faculties and students. Our mission statement has carried us through the last two years, reminding us of our intention to include a diverse range of voices, and our want to challenge hegemonic ideas that tend to govern our everyday lives.

Last year’s theme, “Body Politics,” centred around political themes pertaining to the physical body. Submissions brought forth topics like race, citizenship, statehood, family, relationships, disability, gender, and more. The first edition was a wonderful discussion that delved deep into the politics of the body. 

This year, the editorial board chose the theme “Modes of Being.” The theme is intentionally open, with the hope that students would interpret it according to their particular scholarly and personal background. Indeed, the submissions we have received have varied greatly, from discussions of body hair to Christianity. This year’s journal contains poetry, artwork, research studies, essays, and collaborative works, all from UBCO students. Our second edition is somewhat of an homage to the theme of intersectionality, an open space of conversation and discourse surrounding how we, as students and as people, are shaped by compounding dynamics of power. The energy coursing through this edition is electric, and we cannot wait to share it with our readers. 

Our second edition also marked the exit of three of the original editorial board members, those who came up with the idea for a gender studies publication. While we are sad to go, we are excited to leave it in the capable hands of the colleagues that collaborated with us on this issue. We hope to sustain the energy and interest of our readers, our writers and our editors, alike, well into the future.

We hope you will have an incredible experience reading the issue. We hope the articles, poems, and artworks included here will stay with you well beyond the limits of these pages. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey. 

Enjoy, experience, and learn!

Tayana Simpson

Published: 2020-03-02