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Focus and Scope: Our title, “That’s What [We] Said,” plays on the phrase “That’s What She Said,” a common expression used to denigrate female speech. “We” is the provisional replacement of the commonly used “she” in the phrase, illustrating our desire to challenge stereotypes and assumptions that surround gender studies. Our name is an act of reclamation.

We are a collective that seeks to deconstruct stereotypes, assumptions, and boundaries about gender, women, biology, bodies, race, sexuality, geography, religion, nationality, identity, and everything in between. We acknowledge and draw attention to the unceded Syilx territories that we write and publish from.

The mission of That’s What [We] Said is to challenge social norms, facilitate a creative platform for an intersectional feminist discourse, and offer an approachable commentary.  We believe that gender studies stand to benefit from being put into more intimate conversation with other disciplines. We seek to amplify the voices of people from various backgrounds and to provide them with a space to be critical and creative. In so doing, we hope to deepen our connections with one another, acknowledging that community counters isolation.

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That's What [We] Said will not share any private information for private or personal use. Any information collected during the submission process is strictly only used to attributed credit to the author. Your information will not be shared with any third parties. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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