L’alphabétisation politique dans une démarche d’accompagnement : Déconstruire les idées reçues pour éviter la stigmatisation et l’exclusion des jeunes consommateurs de psychotropes

  • Christine Barras Infor-drogues asbl (Belgique)


This article is based on the practices undertaken in French-speaking Belgium in relation to a dynamic association for health promotion, Infor-Drogues. These interventions take place at the request of educators who are confronted by young people with at-risk behaviors, including psychotropic drugs. Accompaniment is part of a process of political literacy aimed at empowering adults by identifying and analyzing a priori reductionary forces, vectors of stigmatization and exclusion, which prevail in our society and hinder a lucid understanding of the phenomenon. The challenge is for adults to become aware of a discriminating logic that is often not considered in order to change their perception of young people, and to encourage the emergence of an educational activity. We present a sample of this "grammar" that excludes, followed by a possible path to engage in an inclusive approach in the service of a democratic school.

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