Reclaiming Breath: Tethering Thoughts


  • Zubin Paul


Gratitude, Pamper, Mindfulness, Peace, Determination


My piece describes how I found pleasure through controlling my breathing. Box breathing has helped me lower my stress levels as a result of racist trauma. It has been harder for me to overcome this due to my ADHD. My disability tends to cause my thoughts to wander making it harder to avoid negative rumination. Box breathing helps me break out of the unapologetic cycle of thoughts that haunt me, even if it is just for a moment of peace.

Author Biography

Zubin Paul

Hello! My name is Zubin Paul and my pronouns are (he/they). I am in my fifth and final year of studying Psychology at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. The discipline lured me in as I am fascinated by people and Psychology offered me discussions on human thoughts, emotions, and behaviours through an empirical lens. This journal allowed me to breathe outside of the restrictive binaries of how humans function according to academia. I love the simplicity of the theme “Pleasure.” It is an optimistic reminder to pamper oneself and to take breaks. I believe that the key to achieving pleasure is in breaching norms that cease to harm others while simultaneously serving to make yourself more comfortable. One way I do this is by donning funky socks!