Pleasure Lost Under the Rubble


  • Haneen


Genocide, Palestine, Disapora, Settler Colonialism, Selective Humanity


At the time of writing this, it is day 131 of Israel's genocidal campaign of collective punishment in Gaza, and it is almost 76 years since the beginning of Israel’s settler colonial project and ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians. When I started writing this piece, I found myself staring at an empty document and asking myself: “How do I write about pleasure when it has become a distant memory?”. How does anyone write about pleasure while watching a settler colonial apartheid regime commit a genocide? How does the world continue to find pleasure while supporting this grave violation of human rights? How do I write about pleasure when all I can hear is the sound of my people screaming from underneath the rubble? Instead of silencing these questions, I decided to allow them to guide & shape this poem.

Author Biography


As a Queer & Trans Palestinian international student who grew up living in Diaspora -a perpetual state of forced exile- I hold many intersecting identities. Being Palestinian means that I am a physical extension of our sacred olive trees & seas. It means that I am made of our land & that our land houses my soul. It means that I am one part of a beautiful community yearning for freedom and liberation. So, while I hold many identities, at my core, I am just a man who is honored to carry the responsibility of caring for our land like my ancestors have for thousands of years before me.