Godless Woman


  • Laviynia M.


Love, Denied pleasure, Religion, Autonomy, Hypocrisy


What is faith if not to give hope? We all have our definition of faith, but what it is not—is a justification for people to hurt and exploit others while engaging in those same behaviours themselves. Amongst all the hypocrisy and double standards, the cruellest of them all is how women are denied pleasure their entire lives. They may as well be likened to art pieces in a gallery—look, don’t touch. Yet, therein lies the issue. People look, and they crave to touch. They go to great lengths to indulge in their desires. But heaven forbid the masterpiece itself decides to have a say in who can admire and touch it. Or even—who it wants to touch, because as much as people like to do it, women simply cannot be likened to inanimate objects. We are all different, and yet we are all the same. Ultimately, it is about respecting autonomy and agency, regardless of sex and regardless of your faith.

Author Biography

Laviynia M.


Enamoured with romantic lyrics and steeped in the beauty of a yummy cup of boba, I—like many others—find solace in the exploration of love in all the cultures of the world. A weird niche hobby I have is translating love songs because how love is portrayed in different parts of the world really puts into perspective how important our love is to us no matter where we are.