The Man in the Moon: My Journey of Healing Through New Kinship


  • Ashley Cowger


Kinship, Erotics, Moon, Deconstructing, Relations


After growing up religious and then deconstructing my faith, I realized I was left with the desire for something to depend on. In high school I turned to the moon. During late night drives home from work when I was stressed and exhausted, I would pull over and look up to the sky for comfort. For years now I have continued this practice, late at night when the world is quiet I go outside and speak to the moon. I usually give updates on life, and give my thanks for the quiet guidance the moon gives me. Through the use of Audre Lorde’s work on the erotic and Kim Tallbear’s discussion of kinship, I explore my relationship with the moon in this piece.

Author Biography

Ashley Cowger


My name is Ashley Cowger, I am from Fort St John BC. I am in my third year majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender, Womens, and Sexuality Studies at UBCO. I enjoy writing about feminist and queer related topics. I hope to further my studies and use my GWST knowledge to better my abilities as a mental health worker. When I am not doing school work, I enjoy spending time with my friends and partner, gardening, and baking.