• Hannah Eastland


Nature, Love, Senses, Yearning, Bliss


I have been in a medium to long-distance relationship with my partner for the last 4 and a half years. During this time, the things I miss most I can’t have over a screen, like the smell of his cologne or how it feels to have his arms around me. This poem was in honour of the little pleasures many people who are not physically with their loved ones are missing; imbued with the feelings of abundance in the natural environment. I wanted to be able to look out at the world and find my partner wherever I was, so I took inspiration from my home in Kelowna, the trees, fires under the night sky, and Okanagan wine. This piece was written with my partner in mind, but it is dedicated to everyone who has ever loved someone from a distance.

Author Biography

Hannah Eastland


I am a fourth-year Psychology major hoping to graduate this year. I have a passion for poetry and love creating a story that showcases the abundance of our natural world and pays homage to the simple pleasures in life. Being raised in Vancouver made me fall in love with all weather and I will frequently hike, run, or play sports in the pouring rain.