I Will Not Hold His Shame


  • Georgia Goerz


Blame, Frustration, Power, Reality


This piece reflects the experiences of feminine friendships and how they have the power to be one of the more powerful and impactful relationships in a woman’s life. There are a lot of narratives in a young woman’s life that require her to push away those relationships to pursue a future with a man, and all individuals are certainly pushed into this so early that it creates a sense of acceptance of behavior that just isn’t acceptable. This was inspired by many stories of young women who have been in relationships with men who have not treated them with the respect they deserve, and men who act out of hatred rather than kindness and consideration. This piece does not come from a place of hatred but rather from frustration. 

Author Biography

Georgia Goerz


Georgia Goerz is an artist and writer working towards her bachelor’s in media studies at the University of Okanagan. She originally developed a passion for the arts, especially writing, at a young age and practiced throughout high school and her young adult years. Her work falls usually under the science fiction genre, and she specializes in short stories and novellas. This year she has been focusing on getting her writing work published, as well as some visual art forms shown.