Finding Pleasure in Contrast: Inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Snow on the Beach”


  • Khushi Jain


Pleasure, Contrast, Joy, Indulgence, Healing, Mental health


For me, pleasure is a constellation of excitement, satisfaction, and joy. It helps me savour small things in life, energizes me when I feel stuck, allows me to connect to the world I live in, and motivates me to continue working towards my goals. I derive pleasure in contrasts, especially when it is reflected in songs and paintings. This inspired me to paint this picture titled ‘Finding Pleasure in Contrast’ while listening to Taylor Swift’s song “Snow on the Beach”. Listening to her song made me think of Kelowna at night in the winter when the beach and the surrounding mountains are covered with snow, and there are rare sightings of northern lights. The contrast that the snow creates on the beach is similar to those created by blends of warm and cold energies, darkness and light, or yin and yang, where inherently different phenomena complement each other. It invites me to indulge in this rare sight that is weird but extremely breathtaking. The contrast of fluffy snow and a full moon against the darkness gives me hope and warms my heart. The reflections of different colours on the water give it a magical feeling that excites me. When I feel anxious or stressed and unable to go to the beach, I look at this painting as it takes me back to that beautiful scenery. It makes me feel happy and content and inspires me to eliminate negative feelings and think through issues again from a new perspective. Finding pleasure in contrast opens my mind to novel forms of beauty that heal me from within.

Author Biography

Khushi Jain

Khushi Jain (she/her/hers) is a fourth-year BA (Honours) Psychology student at UBC Okanagan. She was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She is passionate about topics concerning mental health, neurodivergence, and research methodology. Her degree is intertwined with her artistic passion where she is able to create art about topics linked to mental health. Currently, she works at VISTA and at the Student Learning Hub (SLH). For her honours, she is working with Dr. ten Brinke at the Truth and Trust Lab to research about psychopathy and politics. Aside from academics, she is interested in eating spicy food, painting, listening to BTS, and watching K-dramas.