Two guys walk into a bar… Do you think their menstrual cycles ever synced up?

The unexplored potential of queer period humour


  • Alexa Bartlett


Feminist media studies, Pop culture, Humour, Queering, Joy


This op-ed focuses on the potential of queering period humour and including a broader audience. Through analyzing currently popular internet memes featuring jokes around menstruation, Alexa argues that adding a queer lens to period jokes allows for distance in the essentialist relationship between womanhood and menstruating, while also being more inclusive to other marginalized communities. In this piece, Alexa challenges the reader to complicate their own views surrounding menstruation as well as its popular narratives and depictions in media.

Author Biography

Alexa Bartlett

Alexa Bartlett (she/her/hers) is a fourth year undergraduate student at UBCO, majoring in Gender and Women’s Studies. Originally from Southwestern Ontario, Alexa moved to Kelowna to pursue her studies. Alexa feels passionately about writing, particularly in the field of feminist media studies, with a strong focus on popular culture and horror films. When she’s not writing or studying, Alexa likes to read, watch scary movies and cheer on the Toronto Maple Leafs.