The First Time


  • Lily Taylor


Infect, Lose, Breath, Sink, Soft


My sonnet “The First Time” is about being in a relationship with someone who constantly makes you feel that you are the problem. I wanted to capture the guilt and insecurity you feel when a person begins to feed short threats of depravity overtime and you begin to feel worthless without them. When reading my piece, try to put yourself in a place of power and let yourself heal knowing that anyone who makes you feel like this is not worthy of your love or
your time. Enjoy reading and know that you never owe anyone anything.

Author Biography

Lily Taylor


Hey! My name is Lily Taylor, and I’m in my third year of creative writing and English literature. I’m from Collingwood, Ontario and just transferred to UBCO in September. I spend my free time reading and writing and looking at pictures of my dog who I miss every day. My writing is influenced by my experiences growing up in a small time and being a young woman.