Transformative Pleasure: Finding Joy in the Discomfort


  • Jordyn Kort


Abject, Disability, Joy, Discomfort


Living with a physical disability often induces anxiety due to the societal label of physical impairments being abject. Things that are abject challenge one’s identity which leads to feelings of discomfort and avoidance. Through my experience with the Krips of Liion, a group of individuals who are paralyzed, the concept of abject was challenged. The groups encouragement pushed me outside of my comfort zone which enabled me to embrace experiences in a wheelchair. Overcoming seemingly mundane tasks brought so much pleasure and joy. The transformation of my thoughts and feelings is depicted in a painting. This painting displays the journey I embarked on finding pleasure in the discomfort.

Author Biography

Jordyn Kort


After being born and raised in Alberta, Jordyn moved to Kelowna for school in 2022. She is currently in the fourth year of her psychology degree. Jordyn is a passionate advocate for mental health, addictions and harm reduction. She is currently applying for Master programs to become a counsellor focusing on those living with addictions. When Jordyn is not studying or working, you can find her with her family, reading a book or watching a documentary.