Finding My Way Back


  • Skylar Dubois


Loving, Queer, Expressive, Pleasureful


This poem is a raw and honest glimpse into the wonderful world that is my relationship. My partner and I are not immune to the issues that arise in life, and as our lives got harder, our relationship got more difficult. This poem looks at the passion and pleasure that can often be lost when the relationship feels like it's being lost. “Finding my way home” looks to actively dismantle the idea that pleasure is something to be ashamed about, and shines a light on how pleasure impacts a relationship. Pleasure, passion, and love all play a vital role in my relationship with my partner, and this poem truly is an ode to those three things.

Author Biography

Skylar Dubois


Skylar is a queer and non binary university drop out simply trying to get through life. They enjoy spending time with their partner and two cats, Comet and Checkers. They write to process their life and the world as a whole, and they love being able to share their work. Skylars poetry focuses on queer love and emotional vulnerability.