The kitchen is not my kitchen


  • Clara Jurgenliemk


Kitchen, Matriarchy, Patriarchy, Hope, Reclamation


“The Kitchen is Not My Kitchen” is a free verse poem written by Clara Jurgenliemk, who identifies as a cisgender female with white European heritage. It portrays the traditional gender oppression that kitchens represent, then subverts it to reflect today’s improved gender roles in Canada. While feminism is still largely needed in Canada and across the world, “The Kitchen is Not My Kitchen” is an appreciation for the progress that has been made as well as a resistance against traditional gender structure, illustrating women’s right to reclaim the kitchen with empowerment. “The Kitchen is Not My Kitchen” takes the kitchen from a place of obligation to a place of forgiveness and joy.

Author Biography

Clara Jurgenliemk


Clara is an avid hobbyist and dog lover. Born and raised on the east coast, she holds little joy in fishing. Clara’s foodie tendencies led her to develop a love for cooking and baking, though to destress she prefers rocking out karaoke-style or catching a yoga class. Expressing herself through many mediums, Clara has dabbled in painting, sculpting, fiber art, sewing, Lego construction and now poetry. Between projects, Clara pursues her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, hoping to eventually achieve her PhD in the subject.