Discovering Whether Identifying as Fat Feels Good To Me Through Fashion


  • Valeriia Pelevina


Fatness, Fashion, Identity, Pleasure, Plus-size


This piece focuses on the exploration of my fat identity and being able to find pleasure in that. I describe my experiences of going to a plus-size store for the first time and crossing the 'threshold' into my fatness. Fat folks are discriminated against which I experienced growing up in Korea and Malaysia. Feeling joy when I tried on clothes that fit me was my way of breaking the norm and indulging in my fatness as a radical form of pleasure.

Author Biography

Valeriia Pelevina

Valeriia Pelevina (she/her) is a student at UBCO majoring in International Relations and minoring in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. She is in her final year of study and is looking forward to pursuing her education further. She is passionate about fashion and feminist theory. To fuel her passion she works with the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office to create content for survivors through a feminist lens. In her spare time, she enjoys eating her way through the restaurants of Kelowna and watching TV shows.