Queer Manifesto


  • Enya Duffield


queer, manifesto, intersectionality, solidarity


This piece is an expression of what being queer means to me. It is a call to action, but also a love letter to my fellow queers, to intersectional justice, and to radical solidarity. It is a reflection on the power that comes from rejecting divisive narratives that keep us fighting for scraps, while those on top continue to gain more wealth and resources. I hope that when reading this piece, you consider what we could gain from unlearning, unpacking, and challenging the structures that tell us we have to be divided, and that there isn't enough acceptance and support to go around.

Author Biography

Enya Duffield

Enya Duffield is in the final year of their BA with a Major in Psychology and Minor in Gender Studies. Their focus is in queer studies, neurodivergence, and research ethics and methodology. They intend to pursue a Master’s and PhD, with the goal of helping to develop and promote research methods that are inclusive of and beneficial to marginalized groups.

The author, Enya Duffield, outside smiling at the camera with trees and mountains in the background.