Unlearning the Stigma around Mental Health


  • Khushi Jain


self-expression, anxiety, dichotomy, mental health, unlearning negativity


This painting, titled “Unlearning the Stigma around Mental Health”, aims to disrupt the notion that mental illness is a myth and the negative belief that people with mental illness are ‘dangerous’ or ‘crazy.’ It is important to recognize mental illness and engage in healing as mental health governs our daily life by maintaining our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It influences our attitudes, feelings, and behaviour. Thus, only by being both mentally and physically healthy can we manage stress and make healthy choices. This painting is a self-reflection of my anxiety in which I try to break down the reasons behind it so that the awareness of these thoughts and feelings allows me to think them through, and get rid of the unnecessary negativity they bring upon my mental health. Only by recognizing these thoughts and feelings instead of repressing them and by changing our attitude toward mental illness can we unlearn the negativity that affects our mental health daily. Moreover, being mentally healthy improves our ability to manage the stressors in our lives and promotes a positive outlook wherein we realize our full potential for having good relationships, working productively, and making valuable contributions to the community.

Author Biography

Khushi Jain

Khushi Jain (she/her) is a third-year BA Psychology student at UBC Okanagan who hopes to graduate with honours. She was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She is passionate about topics concerning mental health, forensic and neuropsychology, and research methodology. Her degree is intertwined with her artistic passion where she is able to create art about topics linked to mental health. Currently, she works at the Student Learning Hub (SLH) and is involved in two Directed Studies. Aside from academics, she is interested in eating spicy food, painting, listening to BTS, and watching K-dramas.

Author Khushi Jain smiling in front of a brightly lit brick wall

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