Blooming Season


  • Shiza Maqbool


Art, Artist, Illustration, Feminine, Empowerment


My piece relates to the theme of unlearning and feminism because the woman is not only hugging herself but a mirror image of her younger self (representing her inner child). Her inner child is also unlearning or healing from her past to become her authentic self - the woman hugging her. This is why the mirror image is also hugging a damaged heart; it is her coming to terms with herself and unlearning all the negativity to make way for a positive future, represented through the leaves and flowers surrounding her.

Author Biography

Shiza Maqbool

My name is Shiza, and I am a first year Arts student hoping to purse a degree in Psychology or Anthropology. Art has been my passion since I can remember. I’ve always loved expressing my creativity, especially through my drawings and paintings. I enjoy inspiring others with my creative works and understanding their different perspectives about the illustrations I create. I also find drawing to be a great way to challenge myself by thinking of new concepts or mediums to try.

Pencil drawn, self-portrait of author.