• Rachel Hubick


deconstruct, consciousness, freedom, conditioning


When I saw that the theme was unlearning, I started reflecting on what has been harder for me to dig out. The ideas I was indoctrinated to hold onto about who I am, how to exist, and how to interact with others and the earth around me have been the hardest to shake (with some close contenders of course). I'm still figuring it out, and I have a feeling I always will be. This poem for me represents hope. Hope that despite how ugly and painful my work is, it's worth it for the chance at a future where children won't feel like I did and adults won't have to spend their lives trying to change it all. It's hope that I can create something magical with my unlearning.

Author Biography

Rachel Hubick


After being born and raised in the Kootenays, I moved to the Okanagan with my best friend in 2017 for school and I’ve been here ever since. We have a little dog named Cutie who keeps our life busy and our hearts full. I’m rapidly approaching graduating and being an RN, which is both very exciting and terrifying. I’ve loved writing since I was young and express myself best in poetry. I use poetry as a form of journaling and find it very freeing. I’m grateful for this opportunity to share it with you.

The author, Rachel Hubick, sitting at a table and smiling down at the camera.