The Calm After The Storm


  • Pritika Wadhwa


home, brightness, rebuild, perseverance, peace


My intention behind writing this poem was ambiguity; for it to be interpreted by many backgrounds. The feelings expressed by these words represent a battle of internal and external conflicts joining together and finding harmony. Likewise, the contrast between the beginning and end of the poem emphasizes unlearning–with the reader left to interpret what exactly is being unlearnt. I explore this phenomenon in the ninth line of the poem. This line illustrates a picture of one’s believed peaceful home beginning to deteriorate. The most crucial unlearning phase begins here: choosing to rebuild the home or break through and initiate the undoing. On the whole, the poem’s goal is to leave an impact on the reader and give feelings of hope, empowerment, and peace.

Author Biography

Pritika Wadhwa


Pritika Wadhwa is a second year Arts student majoring in psychology at UBCO and the author of “The Calm After The Storm.” She was born in Abbotsford, British Columbia and is of South Asian descent. Pritika is passionate about her field of study and poetry, as she has a plethora of journal pages full of poems. When she is not busy writing away in her journal, Pritika spends most of her time cooking new recipes and watching Japanese animations.

Author, Pritika Wadhwa. Selfie in front of brown background.