I am Fine


  • Mahan Sahu


identity denying, dissimulate, westernization, wellness check


At the moment, when I am writing this piece, I am fine. I have worked on this piece of art, I am Fine, in which I have written the words “I,” “am,” and “fine” numerous times. If you have noticed, I have changed the statement “I am Fine” to “Am I Fine,” halfway through, questioning my state of being, my sanity, and my mental health. I drew inspiration based on how I have been conditioned by society to ask a personal question, “How are you,” followed by answering “I am fine.” Some choose to speak their minds, while others intentionally dodge the question, and fake their appearance. I often find myself not being able to validate one’s answer to the statement, I instead treat it as a filler statement for the sake of being courteous. For a society to ask such questions is a step in the right direction, but what is the point if such questions are undermined most of the time? Do we, as a society, really take the time and effort in putting meaning to these “How are you” questions? Why do we ask such an arbitrary question that has no intent to it? How come is it so difficult to be genuine with our feeling and thoughts, and share them with others?   

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Author Biography

Mahan Sahu


I am currently in my second year, in the Science Program pursuing Medical and Molecular Biology. I was born in India but I grew up most of my life in Saudi Arabia. My goal is to be a part of a cancer research program and then a clinical researcher in the field of cancer treatments. Currently, I am part of the Pride Resouce Center (PRC) and a volunteer at the Sexual Violence Prevention Resource Office (SVPRO). I also play tennis with the UBCOTennis club. I love spending time with friends and playing board games. And I love cats!

Author Mahan Sahu smiling brightly at a table with a fun drink