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  • Marco Adriko


race, racial-consciousness, becoming, unlearning, re-learning


My piece is a reflection on my development of a racial consciousness and my unlearning of the mindset that governed my life due to my growing up in the majority black Uganda. While I was aware of the various injustices that people of colour are subject to and the racism that undergirds various social systems in the Western hemisphere, my lack of lived experience barred me from properly empathizing and led me to believe that I didn’t have to identify as a “black man”. I quickly unlearned this upon embarking on my university education; The things I have experienced and the aggressions I have been subject to forced me to realize that race is not a matter of politics or choice, or something inconsequential and arbitrary; Race and the stereotypes that accompany it are real and heavy. My unlearning has consisted of abandoning the mindset that I can extricate myself from racial tensions, and learning that my body will always be marked irrespective of where I am situated.

Author Biography

Marco Adriko

My name is Marco Tiyo Adriko and I am in my Third-Year of political Science. I am from Kampala, Uganda, and a fun fact about me is that I read all the Percy Jackson books and spin-off series and actually really enjoyed the movies. I am a huge fan of Toni Morrison, Taiye Selasi and Maggie Nelson and I think that we are most alive when we do things that evoke potent, all-consuming sentiments.

Author Marco Adriko smiling brightly in front of a fence and a large tree