Unlearning What I Used To Know And Believe In


  • Alexander Dow


unlearning, indigenous, masculinity, development, destigmatization


This extract reflects on my journey towards unlearning after moving to Canada in September 2020. Through many personal and academic challenges resulting in positive self-development, I have learned new beliefs and challenged what I was acquainted with in the past. My core understanding of masculinity, along with the limited knowledge regarding Indigenous people has changed. I have come to realize that there is a different reality that exists and should be promoted to ensure full personal growth. Unlearning helped destigmatize my old beliefs to accept different information and appreciate that unlearning is critical towards decolonization, not just within our community but also within ourselves.

Author Biography

Alexander Dow

I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I am an International Relations major and am passionate about learning new things about the world. Growing up, Geography was my favourite subject and that helped shape my interest in world affairs. I enjoy listening to older music, for example, 80’s rock, as I have been told I am old and decided to maintain that label. I am not very good at fashion but I try to be. When I am not sleeping, I like to try new foods and watch random YouTube videos for leisure time.

The author, Alexander Dow, on a outdoor trail turning and smiling at the camera.