Women and Population Politics


  • Valeriia Pelevina


populations politics, agency, women, labour, economics


The paper titled Women and Population Politics was written with an economic perspective and discusses how women were impacted by population politics theories, such as Malthus’ theory, as the world progressed through history from the Industrial Revolution, through the First and Second World Wars and became what is Western society today. This paper talks about the relationships women and labour have had historically, parenting choices and birth control, the disregard of women’s agency in theories on population politics, as well as how we can unlearn them.

Author Biography

Valeriia Pelevina

Valeriia Pelevina (she/her) is a student at UBCO majoring in International Relations and minoring in Gender Women and Sexuality Studies. She is a third year student and is passionate about equity and women’s rights. To fuel her passion she works with the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response office to create content for survivors through a feminist lens. In her spare time, she enjoys eating her way through the restaurants of Kelowna and watching TV shows.

Author Valeriia Pelevina standing on a rocky beach under a cloudy sky