Acknowledging Indigenous Knowledge Within My Settler Feminism


  • Karleen Rutter


Relationality, feminism, indigenous-settler relations, decolonialism, methodology, collaboration, self-reflection


This is a personal essay with an academic twist in which Karleen is searching to find methods to incorporate Indigenous relationality into her own feminism. While navigating her position as a white, settler, woman, Karleen acknowledges her complicated relationship with feminism and how she can involve some of the Indigenous knowledge she has gained while avoiding appropriating these thought systems. This piece invites the reader to re-consider knowledge binaries and encourages appropriate forms of collaborative feminism, while recogizing the potential messiness of the project. 

Author Biography

Karleen Rutter

Karleen (she/her/hers) is a fourth year Cultural Studies student, originally from Edmonton, Alberta. She is passionate about intersecting her feminism with other knowledge systems from Indigenous studies and her own experience within disability advocacy. Karleen is looking forward to continuing her studies after her undergrad in a yet undecided Masters program. When she is not writing essays, Karleen finds joy in rock climbing, skiing, baking, and spending time with her family and friends.

A selfie of Karleen in the snow