Demons: I’ve Changed, Didn’t I?


  • Lady Dia


Audio Poem

Author Biography

Lady Dia

Lady Dia is a Lozi mother, wife and artist. She has planted the seed for a culture of community based, non-performative engagement in dealing with systemic racial issues for I-BPOC in Kelowna, through the philosophy of Ubuntu. As City of Kelowna's Artist in Residence 2021, she focused on true inclusivity and space making for I-BPOC creatives. As a recent recipient of the Telus Storyhive grant Lady Dia created space for creative mothers of all races and cultures to share their story and art. She is matron of the House of Hope, a space governed by the philosophy of Ubuntu in daily living. Lady Dia is a founding member of Kinfolk Nation- an African, Caribbean artist collective, she is also co-founder of the Africa Ubuntu Association, an organization that serves to foster a sense of community for Africans, those of African descent and friends of Africa