• Kate Ray


Rebirth, Growth, Emergence, Transformation, Blooming


Globally we have been asked to make changes, to connect in obscure ways, to turn our systems upside down and start putting them back into place in ways that make more sense to us. My painting is intended to represent the growth and change that people on a global basis continue to navigate with the Covid-19 pandemic. From April 2020 to present, people have had to make massive shifts on a global scale in order to make life work for them. The flowers emerging from the proverbial womb space signify the positive change and growth that has come from a dark and challenging space. This re-birth shows the potential and positive change after two years that have been collectively heavy and challenging. The flowers also signify the softness that has been needed as “[t]hese are times, we all seem to agree, when we need a lot more compassion and empathy. These are times when knowledge and expertise, necessary though they may be, come accompanied by feeling” (Erinewunker). This painting represents regardless of gender, to step into those narratives that allow others to feel emotionally safe during a time of physical disconnect. So here we are with new growth coming from the proverbial womb space. Flowers blooming as we have had to. Stability, growth, understanding, self-preservation rooted to our cores. Like flowers emerging from seeds to seedlings to their full potential, this power of re-creation creates space for voices previously silenced.

Author Biography

Kate Ray

Kate Ray is a second year BA Psychology major and Gender and Women’s Studies minor student at UBCO. After graduating she intends on pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Counselling, with the goal of specializing in End of Life grief counselling.