The Politics of Space and Importance of Rebuilding the Master’s Residence


  • Rachel Macarie


injustice, privilege, sexism, racism, capitalism, patriarchy, feminism, intersectionality, theory, resistance


“The Politics of Space and Importance of Rebuilding the Master’s Residence” and “Postfeminism as Fantasy: Feminism is Ongoing, Political, and Personal” were assignments for Dr. George Grinnell’s ENGL 309 course titled “Modern Critical Theories.” These essays critique social structures such as sexism and racism that historically and currently exist, and their lasting legacies, by highlighting the transformative words of theorists interested in intersectional feminism as well as racial and social justice. In relation to the theme of Re-creation, the works interrogate what it might look like to reimagine a world without these pervasive and oppressive structures.

Author Biography

Rachel Macarie

Rachel Macarie (she/her) recently completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in English at UBC Okanagan and aspires to be a high-school educator. She is an ardent lover of writing in all its forms including journalism, reading, and creative writing. Rachel is passionate about intersectional feminism, resisting patriarchal norms, and social justice. Fun fact: Rachel speaks Romanian fluently even though she has never set foot in Europe

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