• Candice Hughes


This body of work is an exploration into the idea of why we create. I have shifted my practice to invite new techniques and approaches focused on transitioning from realism to abstraction. The pandemic found me in a space of isolation and reflection, and it was this consciousness that pushed me to re-imagine my practice. Being forced within a very limited geography, my local landscape became a primary source of inspiration to convey my experience through these works. Through the act of repetitive meditative line, I allow my body and hands to become a vessel of expression in the moment of creation. This element of my practice balances me and is cultivated by an attempt to create tranquillity in a world of chaos. This focus on experience ties artist and viewer together as both elements need to coexist with each other. Through creating and experiencing art, though each can be an isolated event, one is inherently tied to the other.

Author Biography

Candice Hughes

Candice Hughes is a Canadian born artist whose practice focuses on drawing and acrylic painting. Hughes first began making art with her grandmother in the Kootenays as a young girl. Though her artistic journey has transformed in many ways over the years, these familial roots continually come into play and remain present in her creative process. As a current student in her final year of the BFA program at UBCO, Hughes will continue on into the education program, with hopes of influencing the next generation of artists, just as her grandmother did for her.

Portrait of a woman in a field