Not Everyone In The World Is Feeling The Same As You


  • Ximena Gordillo


Privilege, COVID, Justice, Pandemic, Social Class, Education, Corruption


The current essay aims to depict the current inequalities in the world regarding the COVID pandemic, as well as the role of privilege in today’s society. The essay touches the author’s personal experience in the current pandemic, what she has suffered and learnt from it. Lastly, the essay calls for justice, and for egalitarian solutions for everyone in the world.

Author Biography

Ximena Gordillo

Ximena Gordillo is a 20-year-old Mexican woman. She lived the first 17 years of her life in Mexico City, but her life completely changed when she moved to Moshi, Tanzania, for two years, to finish her high school studies at an international school. After graduating from high school, her life turned upside down again when she started college at UBC Okanagan located in Kelowna, Canada. Currently, she is planning to major in Anthropology, and to get a minor in Creative Writing. She is passionate about solving inequalities in the world, writing, hiking, feminism, getting to know other cultures, and dancing. She greatly believes in the power of words in order to promote changes in her environment, and to find passion and meaning in everything she does.