Poppy Face


  • Kayti Barkved


decoloniality, postcolonial feminism


Land/mind is a digital figure drawing exploring endurance in spite of the lasting traumas of colonialization.  A brightly saturated figure turns her face up towards soft pink sunlight as poppies bloom from her head and torso.  Her edges fray and bleed into the sterile white background, suggesting the cyclical nature of the violence she faces as she forges and nurtures her own survival even as the hierarchies of settler colonialism attempt to strip away and deny her humanity. 

Author Biography

Kayti Barkved


Kaytlyn Barkved is a queer disabled digital artist in UBC’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies program under the Digital Arts and Humanities theme.  Her research centers drawing as a methodology to investigate the diverse emotional and sensorial states surrounding neurodiversity.  More of her work can be found on her Instagram @kaytlynbarkvedart. 

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