More Than What Is Portrayed


  • Hannah Schmidt


This piece juxtaposes how individuals present themselves compared to their raw truth. Many of us work to portray an image that society deems as ideal. In turn, we end up masking controversial aspects of our lives, despite them having a significant influence on who we are. The statements on each body do not represent a single individual, nor display a set list of adversities. Instead, they are merely scratching the surface of the ever-expanding list of pressures and struggles one may face. My intention for this piece is to encourage others to open their minds to the power of vulnerability. It is important for everyone to feel comfortable with discussing personal challenges. Many people can be going through similar issues but feel alone in them due to a lack of conversation and awareness. We all deserve to live in a world where we can be open and lean on one another—judgement-free. We need to build a society that allows individuals to thrive based on their personal growth and humility rather than their fear of displaying weakness or being judged.

Author Biography

Hannah Schmidt

Hannah Schmidt is a student in the faculty of management from Calgary, Alberta. She is 21 years old and in her fourth and final year at UBCO where she will be graduating with a Bachelor of Business Management and a minor in psychology. She hopes to pursue a career in the field of marketing where she can mobilize business strategies to create thought-provoking content that impacts people’s lives. Beyond her academic and professional life, Hannah is an avid traveller and plans to experience as much as she can while she is young and free!

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