Coming Together While Staying Six Feet Apart


  • Sadie Taylor-Parks


connection, collaboration, UBCO, pandemic, students, collage


The pandemic made obvious our privileges, what and who is most important to us. It was and continues to be a never-before-seen challenge of strengthening and building relationships to create community.

This project aimed to show how different UBCO students could come together while staying six feet apart. World-building through collaboration differs from person-to-person, but creating these connections is more important than ever. Through images of others, it is easy to reflect on our own experiences. How have you connected with others during the pandemic? How can you continue to build community and create better and safer spaces for more people?

Author Biography

Sadie Taylor-Parks

Sadie Taylor-Parks (she/her/hers) is a fourth-year student at UBC Okanagan, majoring in Gender and Women Studies with a minor in Psychology. She is interested in how individuals connect and collaborate with one another using various means and mediums. Sadie also enjoys exploring how race, gender, and sexuality intersect in the field of sport and how this affects an athlete’s ability to navigate within these platforms.