Questioning the Productivity of Cancel Culture in a Time of Extreme Social Change


  • Jenn Williams


cancel culture, 2020, productivity, social media, morals, women, gender, question


I was inspired to look deeper into cancel culture after noticing a shift in my personal relationships throughout 2020. The first year of the pandemic revealed moral differences that were previously never brought to the surface. Since I believe in the power of knowledge and the ability for people to change, I found myself conflicted with the trend of cancel culture. Essentially, the goal of this paper is to force the reader to think and question their own relationship with cancel culture. After all, we should never stop asking important questions!

Author Biography

Jenn Williams

Jennifer Williams (she/her/hers) is a fourth-year Sociology major with a Gender and Women’s Studies minor at UBC Okanagan. She left her hometown of Airdrie, Alberta and headed for Kelowna right after high school. In order to balance the busy life of undergraduate studies, you can find Williams procrastinating her homework with hot yoga and wine tasting. When the apocalypse is over, Williams hopes to travel the world before she eventually goes back to school to become a high school social studies teacher. Until then, her passion for gender equality and intersectional feminism will keep her busy in the meantime.